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We help you communicate your cause with beauty and authenticity, shifting perspectives and evoking empathy. Our passion for change and original journalism makes our client projects as meaningful to us as it is for them.

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Our Story

i.e. – in other words: id est  [Latin: that is (to say); in other words]  It is used to explain, bring clarity, or rephrase. Our media communicates your cause with clarity and helps creatively “rephrase” your message with artistry and impact.

i.e. media is a for-profit media group associated with the non-profit iEmpathize 501(c)3. iEmpathize empowers people to end child exploitation and has garnered international attention for its production of human rights media campaigns.  The iEmpathize creative team is now accepting clients as i.e.media llc.

We collaborated on our first venture in 2008 and we’ve been producing projects ever since.  Our thoughtful media and methodology has shown to deeply move and inspire our audiences. Our work has been showcased in world-class venues and events, engaging the highest level of global leaders and influencers as well as the general public. We bring this experience and expertise to you as our client.

Just by being an i.e. media client you are giving back. Proceeds from projects help offset administrative costs and media production for iEmpathize.


Our Team

Our production team has extensive experience capturing stories surrounding complex social issues in dozens of countries and cultures. Each member of our group is a relentless advocate for people and our planet. This passion is infused into each of our projects. The team has diverse production experience with award winning documentaries, feature films, TV and broadcast, photo-journalism, ad agency media, media curricula, demographic specific campaigns and more.


Our Work

Consultation  I  Creative Concept  I  Original Journalism  I  Full Production
From concept to completion, we tell authentic stories from actual locations with a beautiful cinematic aesthetic. We navigate complex content and have an effective interview methodology. We specialize in giving a platform to marginalized people with dignity and hope. We use film, photography, music, artifacts, illustration, animation, graphic design, and more to communicate our clients’ message.

Our biggest passion is documentary production. Our range spans from a large scale full feature project like Be Relentless (the world’s longest triathlon) to a powerful short film that quickly educates and engages your audience.

Campaign and Promotional Media
We produce promotional media for your non-profit or cause.  We help you hone your message and integrate your branding into every call to action.

Multimedia Exhibits and Installations
We create moving multimedia experiences using a mix of film, photography, artifacts, sound and integrated narratives. We produce installations for museums, galleries, lobbies, special events, trade show exhibits, mobile exhibits and have even built a tractor trailer conversion.

Media Curricula
We have extensive experience in developing and producing media based curricula. Subjects have included poverty, the environment, industry specific training, as well as curricula for empowering youth. We specialize in youth participants, managing difficult subject matters in a relevant and age appropriate way.

Corporate Cause Media
What is your passion? How is your company giving back? Are you communicating that passion to your employees and customer base? Over 80% of them wish that you would. Additionally, new customers are ready to do business with you if you do. We believe  that modeling and communicating your cause to your employees, customers, and the public ignites change, builds company pride, and converts them into fans… and fans are loyal. Don’t have a cause integrated program that your company is passionate about? We can help you with that, too.


Our Clients and Partners

iEmpathize, Newsweek’s Women in the World Summit at Lincoln Center NY, Fiesta Americana, The Savory Institute, The Center For Global Justice and Rule of Law, Children’s Hope Chest, Truckers Against Trafficking, The United Nations, federal and local government entities, and more.


“I have been inspired by the creativity that has emerged from a desire to preserve the dignity of humanity and still tell a compelling story.  To use artifacts that tell a story takes the viewer out of the usual and expected response of visuals of sad and pitied faces into a broader and more diverse way of showing important issues. This methodology inspires us to respond out of passion and hope rather than pity and helplessness”
~Helen Sworn, President, Chab Dai, Cambodia

“Educational and moving… I will never be the same.”
~multimedia exhibit patron

“i.e.’s impactful and moving media was incorporated into the Women in the World Summit’s segment on the perils facing women and girls in Mexico and Central America. The brilliant and original footage informed, engaged and inspired our audience. We are so grateful for the partnership with iEmpathize and hope we can work together on women’s issues in the future.”
~Alyse Walsh Producer, Newsweek/Daily Beast

“Life changing experience!”
~mutlimedia exhibit patron

“i.e. media and iEmpathize have specifically strengthened the impact of TAT by the production of the TAT training DVD. The training DVD iE created for TAT is so compelling that it immediately began opening doors in the trucking industry for TAT to form partnerships so that drivers and truck stop employees could be trained. In a day where the medium of technology accounts for a significant portion of how people communicate and learn, iE media has played a vital role in helping us package the TAT message in a compelling and inspirational way, thus enabling TAT to educate, equip, empower and mobilize a major player in the transportation industry to become modern day abolitionists.”
~Kendis Paris, Truckers Against Trafficking